Taking your sales team remote might sound like opening a Pandora’s Box of difficulties, trust issues, and communication troubles – but it doesn’t have to be if you work with the right kind of remote sales tools.  

According to Forbes, sales reps spend about 64% of their time on non-revenue generating services, and only 23% of sales reps track their time or use a structured time management methodology at all – which is a surprise for an industry that is so affected by data.

With company culture shifting so drastically during Covid-19 and basically overnight companies having to switch to mostly or fully remote – there are more non-revenue generating difficulties ahead.

Now more than ever it’s more important to make sure your sales team is engaged, familiar with the tech, on-task (not on social media), and 100% clear on what needs to be accomplished. In addition there are some things sales professionals get in the office that they might just not get while sitting alone at home.