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Curated current state of knowledge from across the world – knowledge, tools and technologiesbest practices, thought leadership and affordable trainingand certifications for professional management practitioners,teachers, students, advisors, consultants, bankers and all thosethat value the need to knowledgeable in the ever-changing landscape.


Ultimus Content & Products Sales LLP (UCAPS) is a Learning & Development company engaged inproviding creatively curated content – “The Global Knowledge Worker”- an aggregator of news, reports, surveys, research and the like, sourced from multiple sources on the internet,aimed at the young professionals engaged in teaching, research, management advisory/consulting, bankers, lawyers and practitioners of management science. It is availablein an online format every fortnight which is distributed to its clients in English speaking countries in Africa, Asia and Pacific.

The need for the product arises from the unsatiated need for frequent refresh and upgrades of information and knowledge while at work as knowledge workers are locked into daily routine, giving little time to study or do R&D which is essential and to avoid obsolescence and burn outs.It is one of the few products that tries to enlighten its users with the latest developments in a variety of knowledge domains and identifies service providers to apply these skills with appropriate tools, technologies, methodologies, training, and certification amongst others. The journal is supported by “Research Briefings” and an “Archives” section where prior issues of the journal and research briefings are located.

UCAPS also provides L&D Collaboration and L&D Outsourcing services.According to a study conducted by David Collings and John McMackin cited in MIT Sloan Management review, Organizations are struggling to keep pace with the new skills needed in their workforces, thanks to large-scale trends such as the shift to digital business models and the increased adoption of workplace automation, AI, and advanced analytics. The pandemic accelerated those trends, putting an increased premium on learning and development (L&D) as a means of equipping companies to handle both long-term challenges and short-term crises. Our firm is fully equipped with the intellectual asset of creating the right quality of customized content that can be built jointly with the client or have this activity outsourced.

Our consulting services are essentially QTS (quick turnaround services) where the aim is to find internet based quick, credible, and inexpensive ways of finding answers ahead of a full-fledged surveys/analysis. Our aim is to turnaround on queries in a weeks’ time or less. Typical areas include idea screening, financial modeling, market assessment, competitive intelligence and many other, often, many unstructured queries where preliminary information is needed to take next steps.

Our clients include individual knowledge workers, big 4 entities, regulators, multinational and big tech companies in India and has plans to expand into new geographies and with new services. Watch this space.