Continuing to lead the discipline through research with real change leaders Study purpose: To uncover lessons learned from practitioners and consultants, so that current change management teams can benefit from these experiences. Emphasis is placed on what is working and what is not, in all areas and roles of change management. The 11th Edition also presents emerging trends in change management, identifies changes that have occurred, and describes the future direction of the discipline. New topics explored in this edition include sponsor challenges and open and participatory cultural impacts on change management.–NwC_UjYXBodjm0TaYoUsy37ecgdAPMw64OQ0n9aPq0y1KwVSeKZDfQcz9bXSsUf3Jc8ItIBwaG2bqt-apGCN7XUmrv6Oiad69AQ-yr6Zg-Xt0dU8&utm_content=60461367&utm_source=hs_automation