Leadership vision and support

Smart funding and entrepreneurial culture development the difference between capturing an opportunity and losing ground with incentives that reward smart risk taking, timely decision making, and positive business impact to have more resources and options to evolve the organization and make good on opportunities

Ability to develop, test, and learn – Fast

Be sophisticated with metrics to quickly – scale / deploy – the periodic high potential opportunities abort / terminate – the many projects unable to meaningfully improve outcomes

Refine / expand the Innovation Team with forward looking employees and external Innovators to have more ways to scope and assess opportunities for more options to improve business outcomes

Monetize value creation with additional revenue and market presence plus competitive / business advantage by increasing market share, growing current markets, expanding into new markets to meaningfully increase corporate value, appeal, and opportunities

Manage the risks associated with change for Incremental, Sustainable and Disruptive Innovation

Iterate the process with refinements based on lessons learned, strategic objectives, business opportunities, etc.