Treasuries are the custodians of cash in a business, they control this through 1) the amount held and 2) its liquidity. The two levers of this are through the sheer size of the balance sheet and the relative stickiness (liquidity) of assets and liabilities held. Their management of this enables the basic fundamentals of an organization: allowing teams to operate and conduct activities by ensuring that there is cash on hand, be it in the petty cash box or an opportunistic M&A raid.In addition to enabling business-as-usual (BAU) activities, treasuries partake in the macro-financial direction of a company and oversee the execution of company-wide strategies. For example, if the board decides to buy a business or expand into new territories, Treasury will help to determine the fit of the company from a balance sheet perspective and find the cash (or issue stock) to purchase it ultimately.By actively managing liquidity, treasuries ensure that businesses stay alive, save money, and can respond quickly to change.