Chatbot technology is quickly improving, but it’s only as good as the value it provides.

The best way to determine the state of chatbots in 2020 is to assess their advantages in real-life situations. We compiled a list of nine chatbots across various industries that are setting a good example of how a chatbot should function in 2021. To qualify for this list, the chatbot had to be:

  • Useful: Does the chatbot solve a preexisting problem the business and its customers face? Is it a viable solution?
  • Conversational: Do conversations flow and sound humanlike? Does the chatbot have a sense of humor? Can it understand typos and jargon?
  • Easy to use: Do you need to sign-up/download/install anything to use the chatbot? Is it free or does it have strings attached? Does it have a user-friendly design?

Based on these criteria, here are our picks for the best chatbots of 2021.