If you are looking for an accredited supply chain finance certification, you have come to the right place. TFG has partnered with the London Institute of Banking and Finance to offer the Certificate in Supply Chain Finance (CSFC) designation. CSCF is the industry certification designed for finance professionals who want to build their knowledge and understanding of the techniques for financing international supply chains.

Overview of this Supply Chain Finance Certification

Royal Charter approved Qualification

Comprehensive training, approved by Trade Finance Global

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Written by SCF Practitioners and Experts

By completing this course you will develop an understanding of the standard definitions for techniques of SCF, how to identify funding gaps as a result of trade cycle analysis, understand clients’ needs, develop your skills in structuring and implementing SCF solutions, and more.

The key characteristic of SCF is that the techniques available are driven by the nature of the physical supply chain. Analyzing a client’s underlying trade cycle and accurately identifying and applying for finance, risk mitigation (including foreign exchange management) and settlement are central to any approach in meeting clients’ needs and expectations. This course will provide you with an opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the available finance options, a  central facet to success within this industry.