We are pleased to present the inaugural State of Innovation benchmark report. Over the past 12 months the world found itself in a time of crisis, downturn and uncertainty. Many corporate leaders across the globe realise that their organisations were unprepared to deal with the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic, often forced to make decisions under great stress, with little time to plan. With that said, if there is one thing that leaders can learn from this experience, it’s that investing in their organisation’s future-readiness is paramount to survival. Organisations must take a strategic approach to becoming futureready, they must understand not only their organisation’s needs and their customers’ needs, but also the broader business model environment in which they operate.

We conducted this research throughout 2020, with 69 organisations participating. This report aims to provide insight into the ways in which your organisation might assess itself and innovate more efficiently and effectively in the future. This report leverages off of the innovation diagnostic work that Venturetec has been performing for clients for several years now. It identifies the key attributes that organisations require to be futureready. It also inspires us to think how we, as innovators, might approach the task of helping organisations survive in a world accelerating into the unchartered territories of the future.