The writer recommends a micro sales strategy coupled with powerful analytics

Enterprises will collaborate with b2b data providers to get a shot of sales intelligence and reach their prospects faster.

In 2020, it was the pandemic that outpaced our learnings. The pathogen slammed economies, slowed growth, and impacted almost every aspect of life while crawling continents. In 2021, let’s hope it will be the learnings that will outpace Covid-19.

One important sales enablement lesson that enterprises learned was that the current market demands an entirely new mindset. Steering clear of the trillion-dollar economic wreckage and surfing through the shockwave will require a reactive & agile sales strategy.

This is how I see the next phase of sales enablement evolving as we come out of this pandemic-induced economic turmoil – A lot of technology leverage with some good to have transitions becoming must have transitions in the sales enablement world for organizations to get back on track with their business plans.