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Research Brief: E-Commerce: June 2021

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Top Ecommerce Trends 2021:

Are you wondering what the future of ecommerce looks like? Do you want to look into what trends will shape the success of your online store? Here are the top 10 ecommerce trends for 2021 that you need to look out for.


Brand Innovators 2021 Outlook: DTC

In the fifth installment of our new 2021 Outlook Series, Brand Innovators talks to direct-to-consumer (DTC) CMOs and marketing leaders for insights into what to expect next year, and how the category will grow as consumers seek smooth digital-first shopping experiences.

Digitally native brands that were created to cut out middlemen and connect directly with consumers online, have been growing significantly over the last few years.

With the digital demands of pandemic life, many of these companies were prepared to help consumers deal with new ways of shopping and this digital adoption should help these challenger brands going into 2021.


Logistics needs to keep pace with booming e-commerce demand

Mitch Bittermann, Executive Vice President at TMX, explains why it is imperative for the e-commerce sector to ensure that the logistics value chain keeps pace with booming e-commerce demand and changing consumer shopping habits.

Alongside consumer trends accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, these factors are powering the growth of e-commerce across the region – in fact, according to Bain & Company, Asia-Pacific accounts for more than two-thirds of global online retail growth.

The rise of online shopping has seen brands incorporate e-commerce strategies to complement traditional retail models to capture a share of the online consumer wallet. It will also be no surprise that online sales continue to rise as a share of total sales.



  1. Introduction
  2. 2021 CEO Ecommerce Trends
  3. How Does COVID-19 Impact Ecommerce?
  4. How Does COVID-19 Impact Customer Experience?
  5. How Is Cybercrime Connected to the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  6. COVID-19 Business Case Studies

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10 Ecommerce Trends for 2021: Growth Strategies, Data & 17 Experts on the Future of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Retail

The demon goes by many names: ecommerce “reckoning,” exit “purgatory,” Amazon “arbitrage,” the “customer acquisition pricing parade.”

Each a stone at the entrance of what was and no longer shall be.

Roughly 15 years ago, the first disciples of DTC began spreading the word of lower prices, higher margins, and one-to-one customer relationships. The ecommerce trends were simple …

  • Launch with one or minimal flagship products
  • Evangelize through early adopters
  • Scale via paid media

Amid low competition and even lower ad costs, early converts carved a path through performance and emerged triumphant.

Today, that playbook is faltering. Or is it?

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