If today’s remote workplace leaves you feeling more exhausted than ever, you’re not alone. Consider these practical ways to restore your energy and ease the stress

By Jason James

Back in March 2020, I wrote that the age of remote had begun. Some thought the pandemic would be short-lived and everyone would soon return to the office, but nine months have already passed. Nine incredibly long, crazy, unprecedented months. “Tiger King” and murder hornets kept us distracted briefly during the pandemic, while the Pentagon announced the possibility of UFOs. It was such a crazy year that even UFOs didn’t seem that shocking.

While many of us have changed how we work, where we work has also changed. What started as “work from home” evolved into “work from anywhere.” Places like Aruba tempted remote workers with no visa fees and stunning beach views. Cities such as Tulsa, Oklahoma, offered as much as $10,000 for remote workers to relocate.

Remote work has become transformational, leading to an exodus of tech talent from the Bay Area. It’s also seen as a long-term cost reduction strategy: Tech giants HPE and Oracle announced they are relocating their Silicon Valley headquarters to Texas.