What will the supply chain of the future look like? That question, as we brace for the continuing effects of COVID-19, is at the top of executives’ minds. And yet, each vision seems to beget more questions about alternative supply chain models and contract terms, about identifying supplier distress and implementing new technologies, about where suppliers will be located and, of course, about striking the right balance between cost-efficiency and resiliency. Our survey of nearly 150 manufacturing executives— more than 60% of whom are members of their company’s C-suite and work in a wide array of industries—offers a perspective on what business leaders are thinking when it comes to these vital questions, as well as how the future supply chain is beginning to take shape. What is clear is that some change is certain, in light of not only the pandemic, but also the geopolitical landscape and economic headwinds that preceded it. Our respondents know this—only 7% are not undertaking contingency planning efforts to prepare for future disruptions (Q1).