1. Automation = RPA
  2. You need a tech talent army to pull it off
  3. It can’t be deployed at scale
  4. Automation by citizen developers invites risk
  1. Automation is one-and-done and rigid
  2. We aren’t “implementation-ready” yet
  3. You need an app for that


While digital transformation is nothing new, achieving meaningful results from these efforts has been hard to come by. VERY hard to come by.

70%of digital transformation initiatives have failed. New BCG research found that 70% of transformations failed. That number hasn’t changed from McKinsey’s findings five years ago.

Where are we going wrong?

The appeal, the potential, and the ROI of automation technology is there, yet well-intentioned efforts are difficult to get off the ground or reach critical mass. In large part, this is due to perceived misconceptions about what automation technology is, what it does, and what it takes to realize ROI. Here we’re tackling the top seven myths about automation and showing you how to overcome the misguided perceptions holding you back.

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