Data Science (DS) is concerned with extraction of useful knowledge from data sets.  It is closely related to the fields of computer science, mathematics, and statistics.  It is a relatively new term for a broad set of skills spanning the more established fields of machine learning, data mining, databases, and visualization, along with their applications in various fields.  In 2012, Harvard Business Review called data science “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the broad field conceived in 1956 as the automation or simulation of human intelligence.  AI has two primary “levels”.  The first level, “narrow AI”, concerns perception, statistical inference, and actuation, drawing on data science, sensors, and robotics.  The second level, sometimes called “artificial general intelligence (AGI), is concerned with more complex or flexible reasoning and decision making in less constrained domains.

The AIT Masters in DS&AI was designed in partnership with the Erasmus+ DS&AI consortium, a group of 15 European and Asian universities with the mission of bringing European-standard advanced education to Asia.