While 2020 will forever remind us about COVID-19, the year was a period of sustained dynamic instability. The pandemic was not only a humanitarian crisis, but it also caused the recession and political turmoil. Indeed, many companies folded last year while thousands of people lost their jobs and became homeless.However, 2020 will haunt us in 2021. As the calendar turns, the aftershocks of the destabilized market conditions will change how we manage businesses. In such a tense situation, businesses depend on employees to meet the changing nature of the market.

Furthermore, the nature of work is changing due to technology disruption. The use of Big Data in business is fast becoming a necessity. In an increasingly digitized workplace, business managers must be able to harness technology for success. And the effect of working from home must also be kept in mind. This change has highlighted the gaps in the technical skills of remote workers. Most companies transitioned a majority of their workforce to remote work. Gone are the days of meeting clients over lunch or engaging in face to face prospecting.

But, companies cannot take a chance. They must succeed in the new normal and face these challenges head-on. To meet these challenges, managers must cultivate some primary skills through training. These skills are a hybrid of technical and soft skills.https://www.europeanbusinessreview.com/corporate-trends-2021-top-skills-needed-in-business-management/