By Ronald G. RossCo-Founder & Principal, Business Rule Solutions, LLC , Executive Editor, Business Rules Journal , and Co-Chair, Building Business Capability (BBC)

An exciting new idea is emerging in the industry.   I am not sure whether the idea has its roots in Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), or in traditional database circles.   More likely, its origin lies at the intersection of the two — with that small, but potent, new group of professionals now focused on business rules.   I discussed the idea most recently with Wanda Michaels of Kogawa Consulting.

The idea is based on the observation that the dollar-and-cents savings that result from successful BPR projects usually have more to do with rethinking business rules, than with re-doing workflow (i.e., business “process”) per se.  Actually, this should not come as a surprise.  Since business rules are more basic to the company than workflow or business “process,” the leverage they offer naturally should be greater.