A compelling argument on how firms are subconsciously making subtle changes that will eventually turn out as a major BPR exercise

If every company will become a software company in today’s digital economy, then every company will also need to become a process automation software company. This means that to achieve digital transformation at enterprise scale, team leaders will need to rearchitect business processes before automating them. Why? Well, attempting to drive digital transformation on top of inefficient or ineffective processes will not only fail, but also expose operational challenges that are difficult to correct once the bots are in place.

What is Business Process Reengineering and why should you do it?

Business process reengineering (BPR) helps organizations reimagine their existing processes and redesign them to achieve extraordinary results. When Michael Hammer first introduced this idea, it was to bring attention to business owners that before you can improve the quality of customer service and reduce costs you will likely need to reassess your processes and redesign them to fit the new goals of the business.