“Tony believes in building technology around processes, rather than building processes around technology. He specializes in custom software development, especially in analyzing processes, refining it and then building technology around it.He works with clients on a daily basis to understand and analyze their operational structure, discover (and not invent) key improvement areas and come up with technology solutions to deliver an efficient process.”

He has recommended out of the box solutions that aim to eliminate redundancies , many of which involving process and system tweaks.

Why Business Process Re-engineering is a Must-Have for Organizations

COVID-19 has knocked down businesses around the world. On the one hand, it had employees scrambling for cover as soon as the lockdown was announced, while on the other hand the ensuing panic substantially increased consumer demand. This has necessitated a huge shift in the way organizations manage their business. At this critical time, Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) can assist organizations in maximizing customer value while minimizing the consumption of resources. Let us now discuss how BPR can help your organization handle a crisis like COVID-19.