Digital banking platforms digitize bank operations, facilitating digital customer interactions and allowing banks to offer a host of digital financial products. With a digital banking platform, banks can jumpstart and ensure the transition from brick and mortar to a multichannel, digital bank.

These solutions differ from loan software, which is more narrow in scope and designed to facilitate the origination and servicing of loans. Digital banking platforms manage the digitization of multiple types of banking products, which may include commercial accounts, retail accounts, back-office tasks, and more. Banks rely on digital banking platforms to offer a wide range of financial products across multiple digital channels, meeting customers where they live and work.

To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Banking Platforms category, a product must:

Deliver digital banking services across multiple channels

Facilitate the provision of optimal customer service and engagement

Manage both lending and non-lending products

Be designed specifically for use by banks

Support or integrate with existing third-party systems and solutions