How can my startup better predict consumer trends and behaviour? What is the potential of 3D printing and robotics to improve my company’s manufacturing processes? How much do Canadian hospitals spend per year on in-patient care, and how can my hospital maintain spending while improving outcomes? Canada’s leading certificate programs in data analytics are helping teach professionals how to derive actionable insights from large data sets—and answer precisely these sorts of questions and more.

The ICTC forecasts Canada’s demand for digital talent will reach 305,000 by 2023, with data-driven roles leading the pack. But while job prospects are strong for analysts with skills in statistics and computer programming, successful graduates understand that business context and the ability to present data to non-technical colleagues is what will distinguish recent hires for future leadership roles.

Whether you’re already a seasoned business professional interested in a short certificate course in SQL, R or Python, or you want to make a career change with in-depth university training in business, computing and big data, here are the Canadian schools CourseCompare users say are helping them make the grade with employers across North America.