This is NOT another article covering such 2021 UI design trends as background blur, 3D elements, vivid colors, brutal fonts, etc. The goal of this article is to go beyond the surface level. Dive deep into the true impact that design has on the financial industry. To do that, the UXDA team has highlighted 10 design trends that demonstrate the evolution of digital financial products and the way financial interfaces are created and perceived by the users.

What makes a great digital banking and finance design? When it comes to a field as specific as finance, the ability to design interface elements accounts for only a minor part of required competence! Truly great financial products are based on great usability in sync with specific user needs inside a well-developed digital ecosystem.

The world is rapidly changing, and so is the financial industry. Customer expectations are growing along with the necessity to satisfy them. In this article, we will demonstrate the power financial design has in shaping the future of banking products.